About Darklight

When her mother has an accident, Sarah begins to realise the world she knew is actually her worst nightmare. Hostage to her mother’s insecurities, she ultimately uncovers her sinister plan to prevent her leaving her side.
If the truth could mean the end of everything, how far would you go to keep the person you love in the dark?
From the outside there’s nothing unusual about Anne and her daughter Sarah. They’re somewhat reclusive, and seem harmless enough. Sarah’s disability has brought them closer together over the decades and they now exist almost entirely within the confines of the life Anne created for them thirty years ago.

While the rest of the world moves on around them, Anne and Sarah rarely stray from their routine. But Anne has a secret, and Sarah is about to discover that the closest person to her has been trying to keep it that way out of a fear of being abandoned.

The team

Richard Turley: Director, co-writer & co-producer

As a BAFTA-nominated multi-genre Director, Richard’s experience stretches far and wide. With more than a decade of experience in television, he’s produced and directed films for both adults and children in an array of exciting locations the world over.

For Richard story is key, and he has a passion for bringing great tales to screen whether through real life testimony or dramatic interpretation. He has an engaging manner with actors, contributors and technicians alike and appreciates the collaborative nature of filmmaking. Richard’s greatest strength has been described as “…his imagination which, when coupled with his innate ability for storytelling produces a natural and talented film maker.”

David Pusey: co-writer & co-producer

David has received several commissions for comedy writing since taking his acclaimed sketch show Godliman & Lane to the Edinburgh festival in 2006 with actor and comedian Kerry Godliman. David has had several scripts commissioned, developed and optioned by the BBC and Hartswood Films. Along with these commissions for original ideas David has contributed material to several sketch comedy shows including Scallywagga, Raging and North by North North. David has written two unpublished books and is keen to expand his writing into drama and film.